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Board Member Requirements

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Required Characteristics of

All Board Members

 DHT directors should share common core values essential to DHT’s purpose, and bring qualifications, characteristics and life experiences that are complementary to one another and collectively reflect Western North Carolina.

Nominate a Board Member

Characteristics and experiences that shall be considered in selecting DHT directors include, but are not limited to:


Shared sense of DHT mission with deep interest and commitment to DHT’s success recognizing the significant commitment of time and effort that will be required.


Appreciation for the extraordinary potential associated with transforming the health and well-being of the people and communities across Western North Carolina.


Ability to focus on long-term, strategic outcomes of significant impact.


Commitment to the public interest and the role of the nonprofit sector; ability to view grant seekers and grantees as important associates.


Creativity and vision to see beyond current possibilities, take considered risks and remain flexible to the possibilities of change given evidence-based metrics and review.


Ability to think and act beyond one’s personal perspective and experience (e.g., gender, place of residence, race/ethnicity, etc.).


Excellent listening skills combined with an ability to refrain from dominating conversation.


Remain informed, engaged and willing to represent the organization and its interests in the community.


Appreciation of the difference between governance and management.


Personal integrity, character, intelligence and ability to work collaboratively with others.

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Required Information for Nominee Submissions

Before starting the nomination process, we recommend collecting the following information about your nominee:


Relevant professional/personal expertise


Nominee contact information including email, address, and phone number 


Highlights of the nominee’s career or service that align with the characteristics and experiences listed above