Colleen Culbertson

Colleen Culbertson has significant experience in managing collaborative programs, billing, compliance and outcomes for networks that address the social determinants of health. Colleen began her career at Empire Health Foundation (EHF) as a manager of the foundation’s Obesity Prevention Program, where she worked with a network of nine school districts to overhaul food services and improve health measures for students. From there, Colleen moved into the role of Interim Director of Programs and Operations for the Family Impact Network (FIN), a Network Administrator (Lead Pilot Entity equivalent) that implemented performance-based contracting for Washington State’s child welfare system.


As a manager of EHF’s childhood obesity prevention program, Colleen led and supported the efforts of multiple large school districts, containing 61% of the region’s children, in the transition from serving heavily processed meals to serving only healthy, scratch-cooked food. As a result, school districts across Eastern Washington saw a 12% reduction in childhood overweight/obesity rates. In this role, Colleen provided management support for chef educators and school district personnel, managed the program budget and secured additional outside funding sources, and worked closely with EHF’s programs in Oral Health, Graduate Medical Education, and Capacity Building to further strengthen and expand impact for Eastern Washington residents.


In her role as Interim Director of Program and Operations at Family Impact Network (FIN), Colleen served as a “loaned executive,” supervising a team of seven and directing day-to-day operations with a laser focus on achieving measurable improvement in outcomes among a network of foster care visitation service providers. In this role, Colleen managed FIN’s relationship with the provider network, which included negotiating contracts, developing performance data and analysis measures, planning for quality improvement, and informing/supporting FIN’s board of directors. Colleen also oversaw billing and finance systems, and coordinated the alpha testing of Washington State’s new IT system for processing referrals and collecting data in child welfare and other social services, ensuring that both processes and data collected reflected the true needs of on-the-ground providers. In her Director role, Colleen positioned FIN to achieve significant improvements in wait times for first parent-child visits after a foster care placement from several weeks to seven days, and a 10% decrease in the rate of missed child visits. 


In 2019, Colleen served as an associate in the corporate group of Munger, Tolles, and Olson LLP in Los Angeles, CA. She holds a BA, magna cum laude, from Princeton University and a JD from Yale Law School.