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Headshot of Caitlin Dibble

Caitlin Dibble


Caitlin is a North Carolina native who is passionate about supporting and empowering people of all backgrounds to achieve their goals. Most recently, she worked at Farm & Wilderness, a summer camp that promotes intentional community, sustainable living, diversity, inclusion and service. There she served as the Leadership Immersion Lead and also in a support staff role, regularly jumping in to lead programs and ensure the success of her team. At the same time and in the year prior, she was a community member and leader at Spring Lake Ranch, a therapeutic farming community that supports mental health and substance abuse recovery. She has additional experience as a fitness coach, script writer, receptionist and head coach of a youth swim team. In all these roles, Caitlin has enjoyed sharing her talents in communication and organization to aid the success of others, and she now seeks to do the same at Dogwood.

In her free time, Caitlin enjoys the company of her friends and family and pursues her various hobbies. She especially loves fitness, reading, board games, exploring the outdoors and learning new crafts and skills.