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Headshot of Jennifer Fletcher

Jennifer Fletcher

Project Manager, Signature Assistance LLC

Jennifer began with Dogwood Health Trust in October 2019. Initially, she joined the Dogwood team to coordinate stakeholder engagement throughout western North Carolina. Since then, Jennifer’s role has expanded to include providing executive support to the CEO and working on the Communications Team.
Prior to forming Signature Assistance LLC, a project management and executive support firm that works with nonprofit organizations and small businesses, Jennifer served as a project manager with Mission Health. In that role, Jennifer was the point of contact for regional media outlets, coordinated Mission Health’s corporate sponsorship program, and managed the office functions and communications for the Senior Vice President of Government & Community Relations. Additionally, through Signature Assistance, Jennifer supported Mission Health’s communications and legislative efforts during its acquisition by HCA Healthcare – the largest health system transaction in North Carolina’s history – by writing internal and external communications, organizing community engagements, and managing media inquiries.
Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in English/Writing from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. She was chosen as one of 22 high-performing leaders from seven countries for United Way Worldwide’s Global Resident Fellows Program.