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Sara McCown headshot

Sara McCown


Sara is a Western North Carolina native who is passionate about serving her community and uplifting those around her. Prior to joining the team, Sara worked as a Public Policy Analyst for the Whole Community Health Initiative, a community development foundation focused on improving the holistic health of underserved and disadvantaged communities throughout North Carolina. In this role, she conducted research and composed policy briefs to be presented to state legislatures. Her research was focused on assessing the social determinants of health to propose long-lasting, equitable and efficient practices related to education, procurement processes, green building and economic development.

Sara enjoys approaching issues using a comprehensive approach, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative findings into viable solutions that represent the subject holistically. She is passionate about equitable education, conservation, accessible healthcare, amplifying marginalized voices and sustainable development. Sara has served in leadership roles in community and non-profit organizations and enjoys dedicating her time to organizations whose missions align with her passions.

Sara holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Global Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she focused on sustainable development practices with an interdisciplinary lens. In her free time, she loves to travel, hike, read, attend live performances, listen to podcasts and pet every dog in sight.