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Dogwood Webinar Series

Next-Level Funding

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The Similarities and Differences Between Foundation and Government Grant Proposals: A Deep Dive

October 25th, 2023 at noon

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Sustainable organizations know how to attract diverse and substantial funding. Our Next-Level Funding Webinar Series is designed to help organizations of all sizes understand the ins and outs of applying for larger grants from government and private sources, and up their game for creating winning proposals. Please join us on Wednesday, October 25th, from noon until 1 pm for Dogwood Health Trust and Innovative Funding Partners’ monthly live webinar series titled, “The Similarities and Differences Between Foundation and Government Grant Proposals: A Deep Dive.”

Purpose: As part of a monthly series coordinated by Innovative Funding Partners (IFP) for Dogwood Health Trust, this session explores the defining characteristics of foundation and government grant proposals. This session will be particularly useful for organizations in the initial stages of pursuing grant funding, or those that have received foundation grant funding and are interested in applying for government grants.

Goal: This session aims to offer an analysis of the hallmarks of foundation and government proposal development. Attendees will develop a strong understanding of the commonalities and major differences between foundation and government grants, with special attention given to “writing for the reviewers.” General guidelines for assessing an organization’s readiness for applying for and implementing foundation and government grants will also be covered.

Learning Objectives

Participants will gain knowledge, skills and confidence in:

About IFP

Innovative Funding Partners (IFP) is a nationally recognized grants consulting firm highly regarded for an impressive overall grant success rate of 75%. Well known for their expertise in federal and other government grant writing, this success is based not only on technical expertise but also on a foundational relationship-building approach. IFP’s team of over 20 highly experienced consultants is passionate about helping organizations meet the unique needs of their local communities and better serve their constituents by seeking and securing grant funding.

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Senior Partners

Brian Kelley, Ph.D.

Louise Mathias

About the Presenters

Carrie Davis, IFP Senior Grants Consultant

Carrie Davis is an experienced grant writer and project manager with a consistent track record of success working with organizations across diverse sectors and geographies. She provides project oversight, facilitation, and coordination at all levels of grant development. Carrie has successful experience with foundation, corporate and government grants including DOL, HRSA, SAMHSA, CDC, DOE, USDA and more.

Susannah Williams, IFP Grants Consultant

Susannah Williams is a grant writer with a proven track record of securing federal and foundation grants across multiple sectors, including health care, workforce development, and education. She has extensive experience in supporting clients’ project design and development to meet complex grant requirements. Susannah has written multiple successful proposals for CDC, HRSA, DOJ, and DOL, among others.

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