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Partner Profiles

Stories about the amazing work our partners are doing in our communities.


Sanesco Health

A family-owned company headquartered in Arden, Sanesco has been providing lab services to roughly 900 physician practices and distributors across the United States and Canada for 15 years. “When we arrived to Asheville for the very first time, there was an immediate connection”



Vecinos serves both migrant (workers who travel from other countries and return home each year) and seasonal (workers who live in our community) farmworkers. Vecinos’ new mobile clinic includes a nurse’s station for taking labs and vitals and conducting patient education; a private exam area; a bathroom; and an outdoor awning-covered area with a TV screen for patient education.


West Marion Community Forum

Some big wins for WMCF have come in the form of policy changes, including a citywide adoption of a minimal housing standard, and a new county public transportation system. Snow says the “secret sauce” to the WMCH approach is relationships formed among a circle of women of different backgrounds, races, ethnicity.



The Western Regional Education Service Alliance proudly serves the school districts of 18 counties in Western North Carolina. They are a collaborative that exists to increase school systems’ effectiveness. They share instructional strategies and best practices and also pool resources to provide high-level professional development for educators in Western North Carolina.


WNC Communities

Western North Carolina Communities became Dogwood’s first key partner for Census outreach. “I had been pushing the Census with our communities already, and some of them were working hard, but all on a volunteer basis,” says Wells. 

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