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Partner Profiles

Stories about the amazing work our partners are doing in our communities.

Single white dogwood flower with green leaves poking out form behind,


Housing Assistance Corporation

From providing minor repairs to the homes of low-income residents to packaging financing for lower-income homebuyers, to constructing affordable housing for those in the workforce, HAC ensures that people have safe and stable housing that forms the foundation for healthy and productive lives. 

Row of homes in construction for affordable housing


Pathways to Parks

Pathways to Parks is an organization that encourages Black, Hispanic -Latino, Native American and other people of color to become interested in and take care and ownership of America’s public lands. The organization promotes walking, hiking, water sports, camping, tennis, picnicking, cycling and all the other adventures that national, state and local parks have to offer.


Pisgah Legal Services

Since 1978, Pisgah Legal Services has been providing legal assistance and advocacy to help low-income people in Western North Carolina meet their basic needs and improve their lives. In 2020, a grant from Dogwood Health Trust helped PLS reach out to many who had lost health insurance due to lost employment, allowing those without coverage to take advantage of a small window of opportunity to enroll in coverage.

Female volunteer with facemask and clip board standing next to a car with window down and two people inside.
Reverent Eric Reeze sitting at a computer desk with hands on eyebrow in contemplation


Robbinsville United Methodist Church

Built on faith and a tradition of service, RUMC has become the go-to partner for organizations looking to improve lives. “We do a lot of the heavy social lifting in the community,” says Pastor Eric Reece. “We help because our faith calls us to.”


Sanesco Health

A family-owned company headquartered in Arden, Sanesco has been providing lab services to roughly 900 physician practices and distributors across the United States and Canada for 15 years. “When we arrived to Asheville for the very first time, there was an immediate connection”

The Romero family portrait
Outside of the Vecinos Mobile unit with logo and green to yellow swooshes.



Vecinos serves both migrant (workers who travel from other countries and return home each year) and seasonal (workers who live in our community) farmworkers. Vecinos’ new mobile clinic includes a nurse’s station for taking labs and vitals and conducting patient education; a private exam area; a bathroom; and an outdoor awning-covered area with a TV screen for patient education.


West Marion Community Forum

Some big wins for WMCF have come in the form of policy changes, including a citywide adoption of a minimal housing standard, and a new county public transportation system. Snow says the “secret sauce” to the WMCH approach is relationships formed among a circle of women of different backgrounds, races, ethnicity.

Man and 2 woman from WMCF standing together with parking lot in the background.

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