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Partner Profile

Warrior Moms

Published February 27, 2023

Creative expression can be a powerful tool for healing from emotional distress. However, the experiences of poverty, systemic oppression, and single motherhood make it difficult to do more than just get by. Pursuing artistic and/or entrepreneurial dreams is too often a privilege for those who are more fortunate. Nicole Lee, Executive Director of Warrior Moms, understands that fear and emotional paralysis often arise with these circumstances. Nicole is a seasoned entrepreneur and single mother of three children with an unyielding passion for entrepreneurship and creative expression, and she founded Warrior Moms to share her wisdom with others.

Serving Buncombe, Graham, Swain and Cherokee Counties, Warrior Moms leverages creative and entrepreneurial outlets as tools for social-emotional wellness among BIPOC and single mothers experiencing poverty. In collaboration with historically under-fueled local entrepreneurs, Warrior Moms has developed a creative e-commerce platform to host tools including podcasts, books, virtual courses and films created by and for low-income, single mothers in WNC. The result is a robust network of women supporting other women in turning their creative ideas into income-producing small businesses.

Through Warrior Moms, more than 50 women have received business counsel and 20 took the course “How To Eradicate Fear – A Guide for Entrepreneurs,” and these figures only continue to grow. Because of Nicole’s proven track record of successfully incubating small businesses, Warrior Moms has received grant support from Dogwood and NC-IDEA, among several other funders. Recognizing the value and potential of the talents and traditions of Indigenous women, in 2022, Warrior Moms partnered with The Sequoyah Fund to connect Nicole’s resources and services with Indigenous mothers.

As the organization continues to grow, Nicole’s dream is to help women heal from emotional paralysis, nourish their spirit, and discover their inherent power through leveraging entrepreneurship to share and honor their unique stories.

“Warrior Moms created a space that allowed my creative artistic mind to ignite growth and healing around issues that relate to our current cultural climate, resulting from the emotional psychological paralysis experience by many of us living in physical and mental poverty.”

– Warrior Moms Participant

Area Served:

Buncombe, Graham, Swain, and Cherokee Counties

Dogwood Partner in:

Economic Opportunity
Racial Equity