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Technical Assistance for Grant Applications

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How to Use the Dogwood Grant Portal  

Leah Marcus, Impact Associate

Frequently Asked Questions  

Make sure to save your work often. After 20 minutes the system will time out, and your work will not be saved. The system does not recognize typing in a single field as activity. It may be easiest to copy and paste your answers from a Word document.


You may have accidentally started a new application. Click “Save & Finish Later” at the bottom of the application page. This will take you out to the “My Application Page” to see all “In Progress” applications.

Following the link from the website will always start a new application. Make sure to use the link from the email sent to you when you first logged in titled “Welcome Grantseeker” which will take you to your “My Application Page” where you will find all “In Progress” applications.

Only one person may be logged in working on the application at a time. We suggest setting up a schedule to log in separately to work on your application or working on your application in a word document and copy and pasting your answers later.

Your tax ID is also sometimes called an EIN or Employer Identification Number. This number can be found on almost every document your organization has submitted to the IRS.

Have more questions? Call our technical assistance line at 828-398-4874.