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Sustainable Organizations Resource Library

Explore our resource library below or download a clickable PDF. 



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  • Capacity building/assessment
  • Fundraising/resource development resources, networking
  • Nonprofit resources and network of regional nonprofits
  • Searchable guide for forming and developing a board
  • Resources for nonprofits looking to address overhead needs
  • Nonprofit resources and trainings
  • Coalition building
  • North Carolina specific community data
  • Resource Library and pro-bono tax and law references
  • Free framework to initiate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices in your workplace
  • Library of searchable grant opportunities
  • Library of searchable grant opportunities
  • Resources for housing nonprofits
  • Affordable fundraising/CRM software for nonprofits
  • Loans for small businesses in WNC
  • Education attainment data
  • General resource with varied nonprofit specific articles/best practices
  • Starting a nonprofit, DEI, sustainability, pro bono
  • Grants associated with home ownership and urgent
  • Entrepreneurship resources, data and grants for small businesses
  • Lending, data, small business resources
  • Free, community-informed data consulting
  • Racial equity and leadership resources
  • Volunteer management and organizational assessment
  • Free technology efficiences
  • Overall resource including free library, publications, pro
    bono services
  • Checklist and searchable toolkit for organizational resilience
  • Self-assesment for organizational sustainability
  • Lending for nonprofits
  • Community-based organizing
  • Hands-on assistance for entrepreneurs
  • A guide to assist nonprofits in promoting their impact to the outside world
  • Assistance to help start the strategic planning process
  • Coalition building
  • Resources and coalition for local Health & Wellness providers