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Welcome to the grant application portal for Dogwood Health Trust  

Let’s Start With a Conversation 

Western North Carolinians have a proven track record of working together to improve the health of people in the region. Building on this strong history, we have an opportunity to listen, learn and dialogue about innovative ideas and creative and tested strategies to further enhance the health and wellbeing of the people in WNC. We are proud to partner with community organizations on equitable programs, initiatives and infrastructure that address the influence of housing, education, economic opportunity, and health and wellness on current and future generations. As we learn more from our partners, we are continually refining and focusing our grantmaking on strategic efforts that can effectively deploy Dogwood’s capital toward the structural changes communities seek.  

Currently, our team is in the process of fulfilling completed grant requests for 2022, finalizing our grantmaking focus areas for 2023 and updating our grantmaking process to provide a clearer and more streamlined experience for our partners.   

As part of this effort, we are always interested in learning more about what organizations in our region are doing and planning to help address issues that face our communities. We would love to hear from you. Please review the information below about our basic grantmaking parameters, then use the link to start a conversation with a member of our team.  

Prepare Now for 2023 Grant Cycles

To help clarify and simplify our grantmaking process, Dogwood will be moving to two grant cycles in 2023.  

Cycle One opens in January, with funding distributed in June/July.  

Cycle Two opens in May, with funding distributed before the end of the year 

Within each cycle, our Strategic Priority Areas may include open community grant opportunities, invitation-only calls, Requests for Proposals (RFP)s, partner convenings/learning activities, and more. More details about 2023 grant cycles will be coming soon for each Strategic Priority. Please join our mailing list for updates or check this website.

What We Fund  

We are interested in projects that address one or more of the goals and objectives within our four Strategic Priorities: Housing, Education, Economic Opportunity and Health & Wellness and that align with our overarching commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We also are interested in projects related to improving broadband access to support education and healthcare bridging rural divides, and addressing racial equity issues specifically. We understand that many of our interest areas will overlap or intertwine, and we welcome projects that reflect more than one of our Strategic Priorities.

Examples of the kinds of work we might fund include (but are not limited to) programs, projects or initiatives that:

  • Address disparities between different groups
  • Increase or improve access to resources or services within our Strategic Priorities
  • Support basic needs, particularly as they relate to increased demand due to COVID-19
  • Amplify the voice and influence of marginalized groups
  • Provide education and skills (at any age) needed for a lifetime of success and fulfillment
  • Build resilience in children and/or adults
  • Address substance use disorder
  • Improve how the systems involving our Strategic Priorities work for broader positive impact in WNC

We will also entertain the following types of requests:

  • Capacity building. Dogwood seeks to support capacity building that will help improve the WNC nonprofit sector’s ability to tackle specific issues. Examples can include (but are not limited to): strengthening the capacity of organizations to work in collaboration across organization and industry lines, supporting the capacity of leaders to work more effectively by exposing them to new ways of thinking and acting towards measurable change and strengthening the capacity of an organization to use new tools to more effectively communicate with its constituents and community, etc.
  • Capital requests. Dogwood will only consider capital requests which include other sources of support.

As we learn more about the potential partners in our region and the needs they are working to address, we will add more specific information for each strategic priority and update the pre-application process.

Who We Fund  

In general, we will only make grants to 501(c)(3) organizations or government entities. All grant funds must be used to serve our 18-county region

While our focus at the moment is on grants of $100,000 or more, we recognize that not every organization will be ready to engage with us at that level, so we will consider requests of any amount. We seek to support organizations that elevate uncommon leadership and voices that may have been overlooked or discounted in the past. We also encourage smaller organizations to explore opportunities for partnership with other nonprofits or government agencies to help elevate their work for broader or deeper impact.

What We Cannot Fund

As a private foundation, we are limited in some aspects of funding. Generally, we do not fund:

  • Direct payments to individuals
  • For-profit companies
  • Work outside of our 18-county service area
  • Organizations that do not align with our Purpose, Values and Guiding Principles
  • Clinical services for which there is another payor (with the exception of clinical services delivered by a Federally Qualified Health Center or a free clinic)
  • Activities that supplant government sources of funding (e.g. capital to build or rehab government owned buildings, infrastructure/maintenance, public services typically paid for through tax revenue)
  • 100% of a capital request
  • Amounts that exceed 25% of an organization’s overall annual budget for a period of more than 2 consecutive years

Have questions? We’re happy to discuss and be a thought partner. Please email us at [email protected].