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learning, evaluation and data

Dogwood focuses on creating systemic, long-term change that lasts for generations.

To reach that goal, we are constantly learning – from the communities and partners we serve, our grants and investments, experts in our strategic priority areas and other funders.

Knowledge is essential for effective strategy.

Learning helps us better understand the needs of our region, the potential and assets that can feed forward progress and the best next steps toward our goal of generational change. Our learning continually informs our strategy and actions. We engage in formal and informal learning, tapping into the full spectrum of available knowledge – and sharing what we learn as we learn it. 

What’s working?

As stewards of Dogwood’s assets, we must hold ourselves accountable for our grants and investments. Ongoing evaluation and measurement help us demonstrate progress, improve our practices and inform future decisions as we strive to continuously improve our effectiveness. We work with our partners and communities to develop shared metrics that reflect our shared vision, working in a spirit of continuous improvement, drawing and communicating lessons from our mistakes as well as our successes. 

Data feeds our learning.

We gather data that already exists from expert sources and commission our own to provide clear baselines and examine trends. Through both numbers and stories, data shows where we are now and where there may be a path forward. 

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Scottie Parks

Vice President of Learning & Evaluation
[email protected]

Hayden Couvillion

Director of Learning & Evaluation
[email protected]

Jordan Kinser

Learning & Evaluation Associate
[email protected]

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