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organizational information

Dogwood Health Trust’s purpose is to dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of all people and communities of Western North Carolina

We are guided by key principles in all of our work: keep people and communities first, pursue strategic and systemic change and be accountable stewards of Dogwood’s resources.  Below you will find documents that describe some of Dogwood’s key organization and governing structures.

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Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation


Download our bylaws to learn more about our commitment to the community.

IRS Determination Letter

Classification and award of 501(c)3 status can be found here. 

Commitment Letter

Dogwood Health Trust was formed with the charitable purpose of dramatically improving the health and wellbeing of all people and communities of western North Carolina.

Community Investment Philosophy

This Community Investment Philosophy describes how we will act on our commitment, values, and guiding principles as we work.

independent monitor

One of Dogwood’s roles is to ensure that HCA remains in compliance with the terms it agreed to when it purchased the assets of Mission Health System. We have engaged the services of an Independent Monitor, Affiliated Monitors, Inc., to help us collect and evaluate comments about HCA’s compliance.



Audited Financial Statements


Audited Financial Statements


Audited Financial Statements

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