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At Dogwood, we couldn’t exist without our partners – the community organizations and government entities that are helping their fellow citizens live, learn, earn and thrive, without exception. Our partners have a shared vision of making the places we call home healthier, stronger, more inclusive, better educated, economically stable and more resilient today and for future generations.

Find out more about our partners’ stories and the positive outcomes our work together is bringing to Western North Carolina. Search by partner name, strategic priority area or county to find out about the amazing work being done to close gaps, clear roadblocks, pursue opportunities and apply imaginative ideas!

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AIDS and STI Testing van and table

Advancing Life. Fighting AIDS

In 2018, ALFA started the Foothills Area Harm Reduction Mission (the Farm).

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project

The Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) is committed to creating strong farms, thriving local food economies and healthy communities where farming is valued as central to our heritage and our future.
3 volunteers

Asheville Buncombe Community Land Trust

In 2014, the City of Asheville commissioned a report to study the effects of gentrification in the East Riverside area.

Babies Need Bottoms

Babies Need Bottoms (BNB) was established in 2017 as the only diaper bank to serve socially and economically vulnerable families in WNC.

Baptist Children’s Homes Of Clay County

Baptist Children's Homes operates two foster homes in Clay County through their Cottage Home Care program.
Man helping amputee in old wheelchair get ready for a new electric wheelchair.

BeLoved Asheville

BeLoved Asheville seeks to cultivate a transformational way of life rooted in community, creativity and equity.
Man and young boy wearing masks while standing in fishing jackets and holding paddles.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of WNC

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Western North Carolina works to make a difference by one-on-one mentoring.
Dental cleaning at free clinic

Blue Ridge Free Dental Clinic

Blue Ridge Free Dental Clinic exists to fill the gap in rural care by delivering high-quality emergency dental services.
Blue Ridge Health team standing together in front of mobile clinic

Blue Ridge Health

Blue Ridge Health provides a robust slate of medical services to the Western North Carolina community.
Volunteers plating food at an event

Bountiful Cities

Bountiful Cities was founded in 2000 with the mission to create robust urban agricultural spaces.

Boys And Girls Club Of Henderson County

In the summer of 2020, the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County served nearly 250 members.
3 girls wearing fun facemasks smiling and front of school computer, one giving the peace sign.

Boys And Girls Club Of Transylvania

Today’s Transylvania Boys & Girls Club is a hub of activity with kids coming from nine area schools.
Paramedics talking to a man

Buncombe County Post-Overdose Response Team

The Post Overdose Response Team addresses critical gaps in care for substance use programs.
Burke Recovery Staff standing in front of desk with pink text reading "Real Talk with Real People"

Burke Recovery

Burke Recovery helps adolescents and adults in Burke County with substance use prevention and treatment.
Four C.A.R.E staff standing in front of sign that says "The Opioid Response Project"


C.A.R.E. identified the Rural Communities Opioid Response – Planning grant available from the Health Resource and Services Administration.
Center For Native Health volunteers

Center For Native Health

The Center for Native Health was established in 2009 to address disparities experienced by Indigenous communities in WNC.
Hola Carolina team posing with an assortment of Latin American Flags

Centro Unido Latino Americano

Centro Unido Latino Americano offers more than a dozen programs offering opportunities for the Latino community.

Change Agent Cooper

Change Agent Phillip Cooper creates positive change for those facing some of the same life experiences that he has faced.
Group of girls at a skate park with colorful helmets and skateboards

Crossnore School & Children’s Home

A child welfare organization, working with children and families that are at risk of entering the foster care system.
Purple ribbon on purple backdrop

Diversion Pilot Program Henderson County

Diversion Pilot Program works to reduce risk factors related to substance use disorder.
Business woman

Eagle Market Streets

Helping BIPOC business owners and workers begin to build assets and create wealth.
Man measuring

Eastern Band Of Cherokee Indians

Supporting low to moderate-income households within the tribe as well as surrounding counties.
Woman with 3 kids holding paper grocery bags

Eblen Charities

Eblen Charities assists families and individuals in the community during times of crisis and hardship with emergency financial help.
Family of grandparents, parents, and children

El Centro (LAC) Of Henderson County

Latinx-operated community center that alleviates challenges and creates a more inclusive community for Latinx residents.

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Health & Wellness | Goal 4

Increase Access to Behavioral Health and Substance Use Prevention and Treatment

Support programs and networks that reduce deaths, treat addiction, and prevent first use

Objective 4.1: Reduce opioid overdose mortality throughout the region

Objective 4.2: Reduce untreated behavioral health and substance use disorder in disproportionately affected communities

Objective 4.3: Prevent and reduce behavioral health issues and substance use (tobacco, alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs) in youth

Health & Wellness | Goal 3

Address Health Disparities

Help reduce disparities based on race, location, education and income factors

Objective 3.1: Improve health outcomes for women and infants in rural and low-income communities and communities of color

Objective 3.2: Reduce the prevalence of common chronic health diseases in disproportionately affected communities

Objective 3.3: Increase effectiveness of health care through delivery of culturally aligned services

Health & Wellness | Goal 2

Increase Access to Whole-Person Health Care

Invest in integrated heath care with seamless connections to supportive services

Objective 2.1: Increase the number of people with affordable health insurance coverage

Objective 2.2: Increase the available workforce for primary and allied health care services

Objective 2.3: Increase access to comprehensive and integrated care

Objective 2.4: Increase access to community-based services in low-income, elderly and rural communities

Health & Wellness | Goal 1

Support and Build Healthy Communities

Support communities that promote healthy living and resiliency and help mitigate the impact of trauma, isolation and stress on individuals and families, especially those experiencing poverty

Objective 1.1: Decrease adverse experiences (ACEs and traumatic violence) and improve individual and family resiliency

Objective 1.2: Increase access to community environments that promote healthy living and social connectedness across the age continuum

Economic Opportunity | Goal 4

Foster Entrepreneurship

Support a well-funded, sustainable, competitive entrepreneur and small business ecosystem throughout the region

Objective 4.1: Increase the number of Person of Color (POC)-led small businesses throughout the region

Objective 4.2: Increase the number of rural small businesses throughout the region

Economic Opportunity | Goal 3

Build Economic Ecosystems

Help build a regional economic ecosystem that supports increased creation/retention of jobs and business ownership

Objective 3.1: Improve access to higher-paying jobs throughout the region, targeting the lowest income populations

Objective 3.2: Increase and retain quality jobs

Objective 3.3: Stimulate economic growth, catalyzing businesses and revenue

Economic Opportunity | Goal 2

Promote Work Readiness

Help build a skilled workforce with the knowledge and technical abilities to excel in a wide range of industry employment opportunities that provide a competitive, sustainable wage

Objective 2.1: Close the educational attainment gap in WNC, staying on pace with regional and county-specific projections (myFutureNC 2030).

Economic Opportunity | Goal 1

Develop a Comprehensive Data Resource

Source, analyze and share a comprehensive, county-by-county data set that paints a full picture of work readiness, economic development and entrepreneurial needs and opportunities specific to Western North Carolina

Education | Goal 3

Support Higher Education Career Readiness

Work in tandem with Economic Opportunity Strategic Priority to invest in career readiness at the community college and university levels

Objective 4.1: Close the educational attainment gap in WNC, staying on pace with regional and county-specific projections (myFutureNC 2030).

Education | Goal 2

Improve K-12 Education

Support K-12 learning experiences with the resources and sustainability to provide an excellent academic and social-emotional education, so that all students graduate ready for college or career

Objective 2.1: Address teacher workforce challenges

Objective 2.2: Equip families of students to support academic growth and social-emotional health

Objective 2.3: Increase capacity of partners to provide supports and services, particularly for children facing challenges related to poverty, systemic racism, being differently abled or English language learners

Education | Goal 1

Improve Early Childhood Education Ecosystem

Invest in an improved early childhood education ecosystem with the resources and sustainability to provide developmentally appropriate, affordable and accessible education and care to support ages birth to five, so that all children in WNC enter kindergarten ready to learn

Objective: Address early childhood educator workforce challenges

Education | Goal 4

Develop a Comprehensive Landscape Study

Source, analyze and share a comprehensive set of publicly available data that provides a regularly updated, county-by-county picture of access, workforce and student outcomes in early childhood education and K-12 education specific to Western North Carolina

Housing | Goal 5

Use Impact Investments to Create Affordable and Workforce Housing

Loans, guarantees, and other financial tools to leverage funding opportunities

Housing | Goal 4

Create and Preserve Housing Units for Persons Below 50% of the Median Income

Increase affordable housing for lowest-income individuals and families

Objective 4.1: Create rental units for households below 50% of the median income

Objective 4.2: Help families pay no more than 30% of their income on housing

Objective 4.3: Create and preserve communities in a way that is representative of the WNC natural landscape

Housing | Goal 3

Create and Preserve Senior Housing

Support age-appropriate resources in affordable and workforce units, rental and owned

Objective 3.1: Create needed rental and homeownership opportunities for seniors

Objective 3.2: Incorporate supportive services in rental housing developments

Objective 3.3: Increase use of universal design in development

Housing | Goal 2

Create and Preserve Supportive Housing Rental Units

Invest in housing with sustainable supports for physical and mental health and wellbeing

Objective 2.1: Create new supportive housing

Objective 2.2: Preserve existing supportive housing

Objective 2.3: Leverage state and federal funds

Single story home in the midst of being build with 3 volunteers helping.

Housing | Goal 1

Support Healthy and Safe Revitalization Opportunities

Support healthy and safe revitalizations that work against displacement and gentrification, preserve home ownership and create generational wealth.

Objective 1.1: Revitalize Neighborhoods

Objective 1.2: Repurpose existing structures to minimize environmental impact

Objective 1.3: Support home ownership