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Dogwood Health Trust wants to help create a Western North Carolina where every generation can live, learn, earn and thrive, with dignity and opportunity for all – no exceptions. To do this, we focus a large portion of our community investments on creating equitable outcomes within four key strategic priorities that intertwine to significantly influence overall wellbeing.

 In addition, we support work that weaves through all of the areas above, such as community equity, capacity building, leveraging resources and policy & advocacy. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with local, state and federal partners and communities toward equitable access to opportunities, resources and support for everyone. The bulk of our community investments are grants to qualified partners, and we occasionally use impact investments and other tools when appropriate.

Community-Focused Strategic Investments

We believe that the innovative ideas for dramatically improving health and wellness in our region are best cultivated in partnership with the people who live and work here in our communities. The people who experience challenges in our region often are the best equipped to envision solutions, and we work to help them turn those visions into bold advances in health and wellbeing.

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