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Annual Meeting

As part of Dogwood Health Trust’s commitment to be accountable to our communities, we are hosting a virtual annual meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020 from 3:30 – 5:30 pm. 

We have been delighted to see such a positive response to our meeting thus far.  And, in an effort to ensure that anyone who would like to attend is able to do so, we have doubled our Zoom capacity, welcoming our waiting list and opening 400 additional spaces.  We look forward to seeing you there!

We are committed to

Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion.

Our commitment is to foster an environment that recognizes and respects all people in this region, their values, and each community’s unique qualities and attributes. At Dogwood Health Trust, we believe that embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as an organization is the absolute best and most intentional way to live into our purpose, values and guiding principles. This supports our strategy, partnerships and collaboration to achieve the greatest impact across Western North Carolina.


WNC Communities

Western North Carolina Communities became Dogwood’s first key partner for Census outreach. “I had been pushing the Census with our communities already, and some of them were working hard, but all on a volunteer basis,” says Wells. 

Our Values

We live into three key values which uphold our purpose and inform our strategies and decisions.

Key Value #1

with Courage

We will be bold in pursuing our commitment to the people and communities of Western North Carolina by taking smart risks and investing in opportunities for profound impact.

Key Value #2

with Integrity

We will bring transparency and humility in stewarding resources to support and strengthen Western North Carolina for generations to come.

Key Value #3

with Purpose

We will foster collective impact by promoting collaboration and advancing shared learning.

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