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Dedicated to dramatically improving the health and well-being of all people and communities of Western North Carolina

Partnership Opportunity

Thank you for reaching out to Dogwood Health Trust, and thank you for your commitment to making a difference for the community!  Our goal is to create a win-win-win — collaborations that are a win for your organization, a win for your employees, and a win for health care providers, first responders, public health, and nonprofits who need critical products to protect themselves and those they serve.  


We are eager to find ways to coordinate with companies and organizations across our region. We recognize your strong desire to help the people of Western North Carolina.  We share that desire, which is why we began a concerted, targeted effort to source critical supplies that are already in short supply or are projected to be in dire shortage.  


From the beginning, we have looked for opportunities where the Trust’s engagement will catalyze the capacity to do more where needed, and where coordinated effort will ensure an equitable and wise distribution of resources to multiple sectors and geographic areas throughout the region.


Roles that Dogwood Health Trust is playing:

  • Assessing the need throughout the region.  Which paramedics, hospitals, senior homes, first responders, public health nurses, etc need how many units and which products?
  • Coordinating multiple producers of needed products who are already in motion.
  • Helping with sourcing materials, or leveraging one partner’s existing sources for other partners, or providing capital to place large orders, obtain equipment or hire workers.
  • Centrally collecting 90% of collaboratively produced products, and coordinating equitable and prioritized allocation to the region among various key organizations serving our community.

Our team is carefully looking at every opportunity to determine how we can add value and invest Dogwood’s resources in the right opportunities. We welcome the chance to explore how we could at the very least coordinate with your organization/company, to potentially create a more in depth investment relationship.  

To begin, we’d like to request some additional information.

We are committed to

Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion.

Our commitment is to foster an environment that recognizes and respects all people in this region, their values, as well as each communities’ unique qualities and attributes. At Dogwood Health Trust, we believe that embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as an organization is the absolute best and most intentional way to live into our purpose, values and guiding principles. This supports our strategy, partnerships and collaboration to achieve the greatest impact across Western North Carolina.

Our Values

We live into three key values which uphold our purpose, and inform our strategies and decisions.

Key Value #1

with Courage

We will be bold in pursuing our commitment to the people and communities of Western North Carolina by taking smart risks and investing in opportunities for profound impact.

Key Value #2

with Integrity

We will bring transparency and humility in stewarding resources to support and strengthen Western North Carolina for generations to come.

Key Value #3

with Purpose

We will foster collective impact by promoting collaboration and advancing shared learning.

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