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Unidxs WNC

Unidxs WNC

As a small, new nonprofit working to address social, economic, educational and cultural inequities in Jackson and Graham Counties, Unidxs WNC actively engages and supports the Hispanic and Latino community – but faced a challenge in engaging the support of foundation funders.

Applications can be complicated, especially for hard-working nonprofit leaders with little time to spare. “It is intimidating to apply for your first grant,” says Ricardo Bello-Ball, Unidxs Executive Director.

Unidxs was propelled forward by the support of Dogwood’s Leverage Fund program, which provided assistance from a seasoned, Spanish-speaking grantwriter who helped Unidxs secure a $50,000 grant from another external foundation. Not only did this financial boost provide vital assistance, but it also gave the organization newfound credibility, opening doors to exciting collaborations and partnerships with other influential foundations.

“This is our very first grant, and we are so excited to use these funds to do more for the underserved Latinx communities in Jackson and Graham counties! I’m very happy for the help we received from the Leverage Fund,” Ricardo says. “We are excited to know that with this support, we can continue to provide services in our community that bring better opportunities for everyone.”

With this substantial funding injection, Unidxs WNC is poised to strengthen and expand its ongoing initiatives in health and wellness, education, and economic development. The organization will offer English classes, computer classes, and prioritize mental health awareness. Unidxs will also partner with other NC organizations to provide dental health initiatives, raise awareness about high blood pressure, and educate parents about the college application process for their children. By addressing pressing community needs, providing essential resources, and empowering individuals and families, Unidxs is building a stronger, more inclusive society in WNC.

“ …we are so excited to use these funds to do more for the underserved Latinx communities in Jackson and Graham counties!”

– Ricardo Bello-Ball, Unidxs Executive Director

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