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Strategic Vision

We envision a region where every generation has the resources and opportunities needed to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. A life fulfilled is built upon myriad social factors and systems that provide the stability, pathways and connections humans need to grow and thrive. These include safe and affordable housing, an education that begins at birth and lasts throughout life, a holistic economy that fosters many avenues for achieving financial security and social, health and environmental conditions and systems that support lifelong mental and physical health and wellbeing.

These social factors and systems are interdependent, weaving together to create the fabric that supports and enhances everyone’s ability to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. We strive to make each thread stronger and the fabric more equitable across our entire region, especially for communities that have been under-resourced or disadvantaged. We support communities throughout Western North Carolina by investing within and across our strategic priority areas of housing, education, economic opportunity and health & wellness. We work with local, state and federal partners and communities toward equitable access to opportunities, resources and supports for everyone, regardless of place, race, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, gender or income.

Dogwood, working through community, aims to create a WNC where every generation can live, learn, earn and thrive (no exceptions).