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Dogwood Webinar Series: Next-level funding

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Utilizing Evidence-based Best Practices

  • Defining evidence-based practices (EBPs) and distinguishing them from promising or emerging practices
  • Overview of major repositories of EBPs
  • Weaving in EBPs for a strong proposal 


Engaging the Target Population: A Critical Aspect of Grant Development

  • Formal and informal methods of engaging the target population
  • Utilizing existing data, reports, and other documentation of engagement
  • Including engagement of the target population in your strategic plan
  • The critical role of cultural competency and how to write about it


Creating a Solid Work Plan

  • The role of a work plan: the foundation of project design
  • Creating effective goals, objectives, and activities
  • Using the SMART approach
  • Review of sample work plans from successful grants


Developing Effective Impact and Sustainability Sections

  • Distinguishing between short-term and long-term impacts
  • Key strategies for the dissemination of results
  • How to write about sustainability

Past Webinars


Training Session

Topics Covered



Enhancing Grants through a Force-Multiplier Perspective: Creating Meaningful Partnerships and Describing their Role in a Proposal

  • Supporting the client in seeking and developing effective partnerships
  • Support vs. commitment, and how to write about each
  • Collaboration vs. competition as a government model


Non-Narrative Requirements: A Complete Overview

  • Common registrations required for government grants; overview of steps to complete them
  • Where to find information on required registrations in a NOFO/RFP
  • How do the portals (SAM,, eRACommons) work together?
  • Developing a budget that aligns seamlessly with project goals and activities
  • What to ask the client for on day one: overview of commonly required forms and documents


Best Practices for Post-Award Compliance

  • Working with a government agency/program officer
  • Defining “subawardee” vs. “subcontractor,” and understanding additional types of collaboration: vendors, consultants, and partners
  • Overview of the Uniform Guidance
  • Progress report guidance
  • Best practices for fiscal management of grant funding


Logic Model Basics

  • Untangling logic model elements
  • Overview of a successful logic model
  • Synchronizing a logic model with project design and evaluation


Key Elements of a Successful Evaluation Plan

  • Process and outcome evaluation 101
  • Data models and indicators


Utilizing Data to Build a Strong Case

  • Overview of rigorous data requirements of government grants
  • Walk-through of the most common data sources (American Community Survey, CDC Wonder, UDS Mapper)
  • The key role of Community Health Needs Assessments and other local data sources


Best Practices in Project Management: Building a Strong Grant Development and Project Team

  • Vetting an opportunity: is this a good match for your organization?
  • Building a team of experts to develop the project and application
  • Tips for communicating with government Program Officers
  • Creating a successful project timeline
  • Who is responsible for what?
  • Where to begin